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Cultivator for surface and medium depth soil tillage

Cultivators ASCS is indispensible for transition from conventional tillage to resource-saving technologies.

  • It is designed to till soil at 5-17 cm depth.
  • Its main purpose is to level the soil surface.
  • The machine performs 4 operations in 1 pass:
    • loosens the soil
    • breaks soil clods,
    • packs,
    • levels the soil surface.
  • Suitable for all types of soil.
  • Performs mechanical weed control.
  • The machine does a good job with crop residues:
    • ensures their uniform mixing and even distribution,
    • maintains 80% of residues on the soil surface,
    • doesn’t get blocked.

The cultivator tills the soil in accordance with agricultural requirements in all soil and climatic zones on slopes up to 20 degrees.

The six-row frame design


Working tools
The spring block “Goliath” may include both sweeps (180 mm wide) for surface tillage of the soil at up to 15 cm depth and chisels (55 cm wide) for medium depth soil tillage up to 17 cm (optional).

The dampers are installed in two rows behind the working tools of the machine. They level the soil before packing. The operating depth is set up in the field by means of adjustment screws in accordance with operation conditions. All screws need to be set up for a similar depth.

The rear part of the cultivator sits on packing wheels in the operating position.
Since the weight of the cultivator is shifted to the packing wheels, an optimum level of soil packing, clods breaking and surface leveling is achieved.
The scrapers are installed between the packing wheels. They prevent mud accumulation on the wheels and protect the inter-wheel area from stones.

Rear spring harrow
The two-row spring harrow levels the soil behind the packing wheels and ensures even distribution of crop residues. The operational incline and the harrow’s height are adjustable.
Specifications ASCS 9.15
Working width, m 9,15
Length, m 11,0
Transport width, m 5,4
Transport height, m 3,95
Total weight, t 10,4
Number of cultivator blades 61
Distance between blades in a row, m 0,9
Number of blade rows 6
Distance between blades, m 0,15
Minimum required pulling power of a tractor, h.p. 250
Tractor power required for medium depth tillage, h.p. 360